Generations of Service,
A Vision for Progress

Empowering North Carolina's Future Through Leadership and Dedication

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Meet Mike Colvin,
a Dedicated Leader

Michael Colvin (known as Mike Colvin in his community) is a dedicated leader, businessman, and public servant vying for the North Carolina House District 42 seat. Mike Colvin has been engaged in political activity and community service throughout Cumberland County and North Carolina for many years. Colvin has showcased his leadership abilities in various roles in businesses, church, NAACP, and the North Carolina Democratic Party. He has served as a political action coordinator within NAACP, the minority affairs coordinator within a congressional district, and the congressional district chairman. Mike currently serves on his church's Steward Board and Lay Council ministries.

Experience That Matters

Mike Colvin's leadership experience as a senior campaign advisor and political consultant to elected officials and his multifaceted involvement underscores a deep understanding of the political landscape. As the State House Election approaches, Mike has received the support, full endorsement, and blessings of the current incumbent NC House Rep. Marvin Lucas. Please join us in supporting a candidate whose dedication promises a brighter future for North Carolina.

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